Coronavirus has drastically changed how people lead their lives. Social distancing has caused everyone to resort to online groceries and shopping. Many courier companies have admitted to being under immense pressure amid coronavirus due to increased orders. Delivery delays were normal. With the passage of time, things have now got back on track. However, virus is still rampant. A lot of care must be taken in order to stay protected from the deadly virus.

Opting for delivery rather than going to a store to buy something can be a better choice. However, it must be noted that these packages are passed through countless hands both inside and outside the warehouse. Even if a single person handling a package is infected with the virus everyone else who gets in contact with the package is at risk. Therefore it is very important to handle the package with care.

Here are some simple ways to help you handle packages safely:

Choose an area outside your home to receive deliveries:

Out in the porch or front yard you can designate a corner or specific area for receiving parcels and deliveries. You can place a poster to guide the delivery workers that they can leave the package at that spot. This way you can avoid physical contact with the delivery person. Even if for some reason you are to interact with the worker maintain a social distance of at least six feet to ensure safety for both.

Use disinfectant spray to wipe the package:

A study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the virus can stay alive on different surfaces for different periods of time varying from some hours to even days. Use a disinfectant spray or wipe to clean the surface of the package. Make sure you wash your hands after wiping the package. Do not touch your face, eyes or nose before you wash your hands. Similarly after you disinfect the package do not touch any “frequently touched surfaces” like door knobs, switch or mobile phone.

Allocate an area where you can open package inside your home:

Once you have disinfected the package and you are ready to move it in your home place it at a fixed pre-decided place. When you open the package clean and disinfect it from inside as well. After you have cleaned and placed the parcel at the right place dispose off the packaging immediately. It is also important to disinfect the place where you open the package.

Select reliable and expert courier company to deliver your packages:

These were the steps and measures that you can take in your capacity to stay safe from the virus. However, how the product is handled at the warehouse is beyond your control. How can you ensure safety at the warehouse? You can do so by choosing a reliable courier company. Professional and highly efficient courier companies take adequate measures to ensure safety at workplace as well as throughout the delivery process till the package reaches the final customer.

This includes training of workers with respect to handling packages amid coronavirus. Some courier companies also make it mandatory to have temperatures of workers checked before they enter the warehouse. Along with that if anybody shows symptoms such as cough, sore throat or body ache they are immediately sent back home and advised to seek medical help.

Flexible time schedules and work from home as much as possible are also some measures that courier companies take to ensure safety for all. It is very important to maintain utmost hand hygiene at all times. Especially when handling packages you must wash your hands thoroughly for at least twenty seconds before and after opening the package.

Make sure to scrub your hands nicely at the back of your hand, inside your palms, between fingers and inside the nails. By adopting these safety measures you can ensure sufficient protection against the virus.