Laboratory (Specimen)
At MSI Health Solutions, we harness the power of advanced technology to guarantee that your deliveries are not just safe and secure, but also precise and punctual. Experience the difference with MSI Health Solutions – where modern technology meets reliable service, every time.

MSI Health Solutions is at the forefront of innovation in medical transportation.

Navigating in the world of transporting medical specimens and supplies is like threading through a maze, where every turn presents a new challenge. From timing to handling delicately, keeping track of everything, and ensuring timely notifications – it’s a whirlwind of details to manage.

And it doesn’t stop there. Each healthcare facility, whether it’s a bustling hospital, a meticulous laboratory, or a cozy physician’s office, has its own set of rules and needs.

But amidst all the hustle, it’s important to remember one thing: behind every delivery, there’s a person whose health and well-being depend on it.

In this ever-evolving landscape, MSI faces these challenges head-on every day, ensuring that each delivery is not just a task, but a commitment to someone’s care.

Record Keeping


At MSI, we understand the importance of it all. Our expertise lies in transporting everything necessary for the medical field, and our dedication is unwavering. We strive to guarantee that every delivery is not only precise and punctual but also treated with the highest level of care and professionalism!

Explore Our Laboratory Broker Services

At MSI, we offer a comprehensive range of lab broker services tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare facilities nationwide. Our services include:

Every day, across the country, MSI operates with dedication and expertise. Our centralized delivery network meticulously tracks every package, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Recognizing the critical nature of medical transport, we prioritize the care and attention each delivery deserves.

For instance, we offer a specialized “Call First” service for laboratory clients. Our team calls doctors’ offices daily to coordinate specimen pickups, providing peace of mind to medical staff.
Furthermore, MSI customizes broker services to fit the unique requirements of each healthcare facility. For laboratories, we optimize efficiency by consolidating specimens into a single shipment, complete with a transparent chain of custody.

Experience the MSI difference – where precision, reliability, and personalized service come together to support your healthcare delivery needs.

Pick-up and Delivery

We ensure prompt and reliable pick-up and delivery of medical specimens anywhere in the U.S.

Scheduled Routing

MSI provides discounted routing services for hospitals and laboratories to streamline operations.

Inter-site Transfers

We facilitate seamless transfers between multi-site healthcare systems, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

On-site Storage and Delivery

Our team stores medical equipment and parts on-site for time-critical deliveries to clients.

Supply Delivery and Support

From medical supply deliveries to warehouse and facility support, we've got you covered.

Material Management

We specialize in hospital material management delivery, ensuring essential items reach their destination on time.

Blood Shipments

MSI handles blood shipments with the utmost care and efficiency.





Your Full Service Broker + Medical Logistics Professionals

We promise seamless delivery at an affordable rate. Whether it’s vital organs or important documents, our team understands the importance of getting every medical shipment to its destination smoothly, confidentially, and swiftly. You can count on us round the clock, every day of the year.