Pharmaceutical & Specimen Services:

At MSI, our expertise enables us to offer quality services in various healthcare sectors, such as long-term care, senior living, hospice, behavioral health, home infusion, specialty pharmacy, traditional pharmacy and hospital management. We also offer I.V. therapies and other specialty products and compounds to our closed pharmacy clients. Our specialized pharmacy facilities handle the compounding, manufacturing, and dispensing of standard prescription medications and I.V. pharmaceutical products for home-based patients.

We have recently launched a new division to service Laboratory facilities. This division plays a vital role in processing Covid-19 tests daily. Our independent courier drivers collect specimens from physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and residences and deliver them directly to the labs.

We understand the delivery needs of our pharmacy and lab partners, and we can manage delivery programs that meet their high standards. Our team of professionals adhere to chain of custody procedures, ensure temperature-controlled medications are properly maintained and we can provide electronic proof of delivery tracking.

What we provide:

Fixed Route Delivery

With our fixed route delivery, we transport packages on a regular route. This is optimal for products that require regular deliveries to multiple locations.

On-Demand Delivery

With our on-demand delivery, customers have the option to choose when and where they want their products delivered. We recognize that demand can vary greatly and frequently.

STAT Delivery

With our STAT delivery, customers, mainly patients, have their items delivered in the quickest time. This is optimal for medications and medical specimens that are time-sensitive.

Scheduled Delivery

With our scheduled delivery, you can count on your package arriving on a specific day and time. We are flexible to your business requirements, whether you need on-demand or recurring deliveries.

DME & Respiratory Services

MSI supports the home care segment of this industry by providing home medical equipment (HME), Oxygen, and Respiratory products to homebound patients.

MSI presently provides delivery services to clients in the Nationwide MSI’s program of services are intended to improve the quality and scope of the delivery component in the home care market.  MSI Quality, Customer Driven, and Cost Advantage programs have been a trigger to the success of our current home care providers.  Our management and ownership made up of home care specialists including pharmacy, nursing, operations, and patient coordinators give us a unique focus and ability to understand and meet the needs of our clients.  In addition, it creates a special advantage in that our ability to understand and relate to patient problems comes from firsthand experience.

MSI based on its 20 years of experience in the Home Care delivery and service industry is well positioned to serve as an advocate/management team to new clients, MSI has sub-contractors that meet the criteria and expertise to adequately support the needs of our clients.  MSI can negotiate with service vendors, entertain bid proposals and overall manage the IC relationship for our clients anywhere.

MSI Delivery and Instruction

 The MSI partnership consists of a variety of programs to support the complex needs of companies that provide delivery services to this segment of the industry. The program is also designed to be presented to Home care companies desiring the support of an organization that can quantify and supervise the quality and performance of delivery companies providing service on their behalf.  We have recognized and supported the needs of this industry to identify more efficient and cost-effective means to manage the myriad of ancillary support tasks essential for the overall provision of quality patient care.

MSI program highlights:

  • Flexible pricing structures and philosophy
  • Facility management programs
  • Uniformed drivers
  • Driver education and orientation with special attention on infection
  • Control and regulate waste handling
  • Vehicle condition and appearance monitored to meet specification
  • Driver physicals and TB testing on file
  • Hepatitis B protocols and immunization
  • Insurance and liability issues addressed
  • Contractual agreements include all mandated Certification and New York State DOH requirements.

MSI Software Solutions

In partnership with QMLS, MSI uses cutting-edge technology to support our clients and to track and report activities related to the dispensing, delivery, and setup of equipment in patient homes. The QALMS module was developed over a period of 10 years specifically for this industry. In addition to the characteristics of many tracking software programs, QALMS also was designed to validate activity in the field and improve or correct driver/tech field issues. This is accomplished through an integrated program of scanning and GPS monitoring of activities in the field.

MSI Delivery – Service Categories and Support

MSI provides for scheduled and emergency deliveries of medical supplies, drugs, and equipment as follows.
  • Standard service – defined as single or multiple deliveries to previously specified zones
  • Stat Service – defined as delivery within 2-3 hours of product preparation
  • Next Day Standard – for those situations when the product is ready the day prior to scheduled delivery – MSI will handle the delivery as though it was scheduled “overnight” at significant discounts over our Standard Service rate schedules
  • Scheduled and Closeouts – this program feature allows for the scheduled pick-up of waste and equipment. This division operates on the principle of zoned pick-ups. No medical deliveries are carried by these vehicles. Schedules may be routinely set up for some clients.  In addition, close-outs can be scheduled in advance based on this zoned approach.
  • Complete invoice entry and tracking
  • Patient demographics
  • Product movement and “chain of custody”
  • Scanning and barcode solutions
  • Signature capture
  • Web-based application
  • No special hardware – uses android and I-Phone
  • Product tracked in-house – in transit – and finally as completed
  • System can monitor and report on the time technician or driver spends with patient and setup
  • Email notification when a patient does not respond “not home” allows CSRs to quickly confirm and advise the driver on delivery.
  • Substantial reporting options available
  • Verification of delivery – location and time with GPS stamp
  • Billing and driver settlement reporting are available


We at MSI recognize and feel that our programs are unique in addressing the needs of Home Care Providers and Pharmacies. Our delivery components are sensitive to this market.

MSI has the most knowledge or experience in dealing with the high level of care and responsibility that this industry requires.

Key importance, moreover, is the fact that our ownership and team are comprised of professional people that have many years of experience in this industry.

This level of respect and our intention to detail will serve your needs.

We look forward to enhancing the lives of the people we touch.